Lusaka Profile

Lusaka Profile

The capital city of Zambia, Lusaka, covers an area of 27 square miles and is one of Africa's fastest growing cities having almost tripled its population since independence from the UK in 1964 ~ it was only classified as a township as late as 1929. However this influx has been largely uncontrolled and its infrastructure has failed to keep pace with the rapid influx. It was named after Lusakasa, the headman of a village that was the former site of the National Assembly Building in Zambia.

Lusaka is located at a height of 4265 feet above sea level (compare to the peak of Ben Nevis at 4409 feet) and has a population of approximate 3.36 million persons (2020). It became the capital of Northern Rhodesia in May 1935 (being promoted to the status of a city by Royal Charter, twenty-five years later) replacing Livingstone not least because of its central location at the intersection of the Great North Road (to Tanzania) and the Great East Road (to Malawi), as well as its position on the Great Uhuru railway built in 1905 that connects Lusaka to Dar-es-Salaam. Lusaka is surrounded by flat grassland that mainly supports ranches and farms.

Lusaka City Profile

Places worth a visit in Lusaka include the Soweto Market, where you can buy practically anything; the Anglican Cathedral; the Henry Tayali Gallery which displays local art; the Munda Wanga Environmental Park, a wildlife park and sanctuary, and Lilayi Lodge a wildlife ranch located within the city. Also take in, if visiting, the Lusaka National Museum, the Freedom Statue, the Zintu Community Museum and, time permitting, the Moore Pottery Factory. Lusaka is home to the State House, the official residence of the president, the National Assembly and the High Court as well as the University of Zambia. The video (below) gives a glimpse of daily life in Lusaka and gives a good look and feel of the city.

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Lusaka Profile: Lusaka City Map

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