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The Lighthouse Project

The lighthouse Project

Get a taste of what it's like to volunteer in Africa with the Lighthouse Project, the only fiction novel about volunteering (based on real experiences) set on the continent, exploring the establishment of a volunteer project and the life of a young orphaned Ugandan boy who ends up there in suspicious circumstances.

Reviews include: "The characters are well-developed and memorable, the passages often humorous, with some schadenfreude moments, and the writing style is engaging."

"A real insight into the life and times of those living in rural Africa. A must read for anyone travelling there to better undertstand its customs and culture. In fact, it should be required reading!"

"Many situations were deja vu with my volunteering experiences in Haiti and Ethiopia. Fun, Engaging and Memorable - Well Worth the Read!"

"More than pleased I read this before I travelled to Africa, really helped to get the most out of the experience and warned of pitfalls to avoid."