African Independence Dates

This is a table of each African nation detailing when independence was achieved and from who. The animated graphic (right) shows how most countries gained their independence in the 1960s. For full detailed information about the circumstances of each country's independence, download the file below.

African Country Independence


Independence Dates


Algeria 5th July 1962 France
Angola 11th November 1975 Portugal
Benin 1st August 1960 France
Botswana 30th September 1966 Great Britain
Burkina Faso> 5th August 1960 France
Burundi 1st July 1962 Belgium
Cameroon 1st January 1960
1st October 1961
Great Britain
Cape Verde 5th July 1975 Portugal
Central African Republic 13th August 1960 France
Chad 11th August 1960 France
Comoros 6th July 1975 France
Congo, Dem Republic 30th June 1960 Belgium
Congo, Republic 15th August 1960 France
Côte d'Ivoire 7th August 1960 France
Djibouti 27th June 1977 France
Egypt 28th February 1922 Great Britain
Equatorial Guinea 12th October 1968 Spain
Eritrea November 1941
24th May 1993
Ethiopia Never a European Colony  
Gabon 17th August 1960 France
Gambia 18th February 1965 Great Britain
Ghana 6th March 1957 Great Britain
Guinea 2nd October 1958 France
Guinea-Bissau 24th September 1973 Portugal
Kenya 12th December 1963 Great Britain
Lesotho 4th October 1966 Great Britain
Liberia Never a European Colony  
Libya 10th February 1947
24th December 1951
UK/French Mandate
Madagascar 26th June 1960 France
Malawi 6th July 1964 Great Britain
Mali 4th April 1960 France
Mauritania 28th November 1960 France
Mauritius 12th March 1968 Great Britain
Morocco 2nd March 1956
7th April 1956
Mozambique 25th June 1975 Portugal
Namibia 21st March 1990 South Africa
Niger 3rd August 1960 France
Nigeria 1st October 1960 Great Britain
Rwanda 1st July 1962 Belgium
Sao Tome and Principe 12th July 1975 Portugal
Senegal 4th April 1960 France
Seychelles 29th June 1976 Great Britain
Sierra Leone 27th April 1961 Great Britain
Somalia 1st July 1960 Italy
Great Britain
South Africa 31st May 1910 Great Britain
Sudan 1st January 1956 Great Britain
Swaziland 6th September 1968 Great Britain
9th December 1961
10th December 1963
Merger 26th April 1964
Great Britain
Togo 27th April 1960 France
Tunisia 20th March 1956 France
Western Sahara 14th November 1975 Spain
Uganda 9th October 1962 Great Britain
Zambia 24th October 1964 Great Britain
Zimbabwe 11th Nov 1965/18th April 1980 Declared/Recognised by UK

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African Independence

African Independence

African Independence

African Independence


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African Independence Dates
African Independence Dates

The first World War exposed the assumed fact that whites controlled and blacks were under control and sowed the seeds that led to the independence movements that gained traction after World War II, many exploding into confrontation. By the late 1950s, spurred on by the Americans in exchange for ongoing reconstruction aid, the arrangements for the inevitable independence of African nations began in earnest and old tribal rivalries erupted sowing the seeds for conflict over the next few decades.


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