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Uganda Images: Lake Bunyonyi

"Hello muzungo" will be one of the most enduring images of Uganda if you ever get to visit. Muzungu is a local term for whites and, as there are very few Caucasians in Uganda, children, in particular, love to shout the words out every time they see a while person. Once described as the 'Pearl of Africa', Uganda is a landlocked country in east Africa bordered to the north by the new Republic of South Sudan, to the south by Rwanda and Tanzania, to the east by Kenya and by the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. Uganda is home to source of the White Nile due to its border with Lake Victoria as well as the stunningly beautiful Ruwenzori Mountains that run along Uganda's south-western border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. These mountains are not just the home to waterfalls, lakes and ice fields, being higher than the alps, but also provide sanctuary to mountain gorillas. They are sometimes called the Mountains of the Moon.

Around the same size as the United Kingdom, Uganda is located on the Central African Plateau and traverses the equator with much of its land being shaped from ancient volcanic activity some three million years ago. Around 15% of Uganda is comprised of lakes, the largest being Lake Victoria. The other main lakes being Lake George, Lake Edward, Lake Kyoga, Lake Albert and Lake George. Uganda also has a further twenty one minor lakes. Another of the major attractions and enduring images of Uganda are the water falls along the River Nile where there are a range of water activities from white water rafting to boat rides, fishing and game viewing.

Images of Uganda

In total Uganda has eleven national parks which are managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. They are home to 330 different types of mammals as well as 1200 species of butterfly. As well as those referred to above, the Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Semliki National Park are both worth a visit. Other popular destinations include Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja, Kabale and Fort Portal with its easy access to many popular images of Uganda and nearby crater lakes.The video below shows some of the most popular images of Uganda and gives a good look and feel of the country.

Uganda Images: Volunteer in Uganda

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Uganda Images: Uganda Map

Uganda Map

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Uganda Images: Sponsor a Child in Uganda

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Uganda Images: Uganda Country Profile

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