Sierra Leone Trivia Quiz

Sierra Leone Trivia Quiz

1. WARM-UP: In 1961 Sierra Leone gained its independence from which European Country?

The UK

2. What % of the population of Sierra Leone live in poverty?


3. About 8 million people live in Sierra Leone, how many were forced from their homes during the entirety of the civil war?


4. To what age can children in Sierra Leone expect to live?

45 years
55 years
65 years
75 years

5. 51.65% of boys in Sierra Leone are literate, what is the figure for girls?


6. The average age in Sierra Leone is how old?

18.5 years
19.5 years
20.5 years
21.5 years

7. Out of a population of 8,000,000 how many children are orphans in Sierra Leone?


8. What was the youngest known age of a serving child soldier during the civil war?

7 yrs

9. Sierra Leone shares a border with which two countries?

Guinea and Liberia
Senegal and Liberia
Liberia and the Ivory Coast
Guinea and Mali

10. Which of the following statements about Sierra Leone is not true?

Sierra Leone is named after the Portuguese for 'Lion Mountain Range'
Sierra Leone is a predominantly Christian country
The world's third largest diamond was mined in Sierra Leone
The national currency in Sierra Leone is the Leone

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