Eritrea Images

Eritrea Images




Although once regarded as a good tourist destination, today very few outsiders get to see images of Eritrea as the country is considered somewhat uninviting given its reputation as being the 'North Korea' of Africa. The video (below) is therefore one of the rare opportunities to see images of Eritrea, its land, its wildlife and its people and where they live. Eritrea itself is bordered by Sudan to its west and north-west, to the south by Ethiopia, and to the south-east by Djibouti and has a coastline that extends for 600 miles separating the country from Yemen and Saudi Arabia across the Red Sea. In fact, the name Eritrea itself is believed to have been derived from the Italian Latin for 'Red Sea' ~ Mare Erythraeum. It was this location on the Horn of Africa that gave the ancient land of Eritrea its importance as Turkey, Egypt, and Italy saw its port areas as ideal for trade routes. The location also led Christianity and Islam to reach into the area.

Eritrea is mainly located in hilly regions surrounded by the craggy Emba Soira mountains and the country is home to the arid Danakil Depression, however in the centre of the country there is a fertile plateau. Eritrea has four main rivers; the Anseba, Gash, Barka and Tekeze and has deposits of gold, zinc and copper underground together with the possibility of oil and natural gas. Frequently plagued by locust swarms and droughts that affect all countries in and around the Horn of Africa, Eritrea has less than 7% of arable land and one historically active volcano, Dubbi.

Eritrea Images

For those who do travel to Eritrea there are many places worth a look, from the century old Italian built Eritrean Railway that runs from Asmara (situated at 7,874 feet ~ the peak of Ben Nevis is just 4409 feet above sea level by comparison) to the city port of Massawa, prehistoric cave paintings in Qo Haito, Himbirti and Hashimile, the ruins of the ancient Adulite empire in Qo Haito and Metera and, of course, the coral reefs around 350 islands off the Red Sea coast including the Dahlak Archipelago. The video (below) provides images of Eritrea, its people, landscape and wildlife and provides a useful insight into Eritrea.

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Eritrea Map

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