Bora Bora Beach

When most people think of Burundi they think of war and conflict, yet a short distance from the capital city of Bujumbura is the idyllic beach at Bora Bora, truly a hidden gem on Lake Tanganyika, an expanse of water nestled between four countries in central Africa. Lake Tanganyika itself is the world's second largest freshwater lake that flows into the Congo on its way to the Atlantic Ocean. The lake was unknown to the outside world until 1858 and was even visited by the famous explorer David Livingstone.

Despite its beauty, swimming in the lake presents some dangers as not only is it home to scores of jellyfish, the waters off Bora Bora are also home to the man eating crocodile species the Gustave. The area around Bora Bora is host to a number of hotels that boast swimming pools and other recreational facilities. Well worth a visit if in the area!

Next explore other images of Burundi in a series of articles below as well as a video documentary about Lake Tanganyika itself.



Bora Bora Beach

Bora Bora Beach

Bora Bora Beach

Bora Bora Beach


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