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African Names




Naming an African baby is really no difefrent from naming any child and, among many ethnic groups, name choices can be influenced by positive or negative circumstances the family finds themselves in around the time a child is born. For examply the Zulu name Lindiwe, meaning 'we have waited', is often given to a baby girl after a long line of boys whilst Adetokunbo is a Yorbuba name menaing 'wealth has come back home' is often given to a child born abroad.

African Names Meaning
Fatimah (f) Daughter of Mohammed
Fujo (f) Born following an argument
Getachew (m) Your teacher
Geteye (m) His teacher
Gogo (m) Like a grandfather
Hadiya (f) Gift
Hala (f) Unexpected gift
Halima (f) Gentle
Halla (f) Unexpected gift
Halle (f) Unexpected gift
Hasanati (f) Good
Hasina (f) Good
Hawa (f) Wife of Adam (Eve)
Imena (f) Dream
Jaha (f) Dignified
Jamila (f) Beautiful
Jawara (m) Peace and love
Jira (f) Blood relative
Jomo (m) Farmer
Kamaria (f) Moonlight
Kami (f) Perfect
Kamie (f) Perfect
Kamilah (f) Perfect
Keasha (f) Favourite
Keisha (f) Favourite
Kesi (f) Born when the father is experiencing difficulties
Kesia (f) Favourite
Kia (f) Season beginning
Kiah (f) Season beginning
Kosey (m) Lion
Kulwa (f) First of twins
Kya (f) Diamond in the sky
Kyah (f) Diamond in the sky
Lulu (f) Pearl
Malaika (f) Angel
Marjani (f) Coral
Mashavu (f) Chubby cheeks
Mawusi (f) In the hands of God
Meria (f) Rebel
Meriah (f) Rebel

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