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When we first launched our free, online African currency converter we limited it to world currencies on the left of the screen with a drop-down menu of Africa countries and their currencies on the right. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Apparently not as many of our website visitors contacted us to say they preferred to be able to convert each African currency into their own to make it easier to establish how much things costs. Make sense! So now you can choose your own currency and select the converted currency of your choice on the right.

When travelling in Africa, we suggest you ensure a steady supply of local currency as often ATMs may be out of action or cash ~ especially around the time of payday for government workers ~ but ensure, if your wallet or pursue is bulging, it's kept out of site or in your front pocket as thefts are common. Towards the end of your visit to Africa we also suggest you budget ahead as to your requirements for the duration of your stay as many African currencies cannot be converted back once you leave the country. In some cases it is also illegal to remove currency from the country you have been visiting, but in reality such laws are rarely enforced.

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