Funny Africa

We are so used to negative images of Africa that we compiled this funny Africa collection of pictures, videos and funny Africa facts. You might be wondering why we included this in a site predominately about volunteering and work opportunities in Africa. It's quite simple really. Although Africa faces many challenges, just like many other areas of the world, it is rich in diversity and its peoples often grind out a difficult daily existence with a broad, warm and welcoming African smile.

African humour itself is diverse and can be found in many forms, including jokes, puns, and satire. African humour often reflects the continent’s rich cultural heritage, history, and traditions with many African jokes based on wordplay, irony, and exaggeration, and they often poke fun at everyday situations and human behaviour. Some African jokes are also political in nature, and humour is used to comment on social issues and current events.



Funny Africa

Right is one of our favourite funny African videos. A passing tourist is filming when, after a few moments, a little lad notices the camera and is not quite sure what to make of it. See if you can watch the video without smiling; pretty much impossible!

Funny AfricaAbove enjoy some of our funny Africa signs that show insights into daily life in Africa whilst our funny Africa pictures capture funny moments frozen in time for all to enjoy.

For other funny Africa stuff check out the video of a boy from Ghana spontaneously breaking into dance and our funny Africa facts, then explore the rest of this site and see if you can make a difference to children's lives there for less than the cost of a daily newspaper!

If you have any funny Africa pictures and videos send them to us through our contact form here.