Abuja Profile

Abuja Profile

Many in Nigeria see themselves as belonging to one or more of the 250 ethnic/tribal groups in the country rather than as a citizen of Nigeria itself. The three areas most Nigerians align themselves to are the Yoruba (westerners), Igbo (easterners) and Hausa (northerners). As such it was decided in the 1970s to move the country's capital from Lagos on the Gulf of Guinea, to the centre of the country in an effort to symbolise national unity. On 12th December 1991 the newly built city of Abuja, with its skyline dominated by Aso Rock, became Nigeria's official capital after being constructed throughout the 1980s. It takes its name from Abu Ja, the the 62nd King of Zaria who ascended the throne in 1825 and constructed a new capital in the south-west of the ancient kingdom of Zaria calling it Abuja. Although Lagos remains Nigeria's most populous city with over seven million inhabitants, Abuja is growing fast and together with its outer areas, is currently home to some 3,278,000 (2020).

As noted abobe, Abuja was constucted during the 1980s. As such, it doesn't have an 'old town' but can probably lay claim to being one of the best planned and laid out cities in Africa and boasts some stunning architecture from the Abuja National Mosque which was built in 1984, the neo-gothic designed National Christian Centre and the the Ministry of Defence building which resembles a ship. The National Library is equally impressive. However Abjua, along with many modern cities, also boasts many leisure areas including the Millenium Park, the Eden Parks and Garden and the Julius Berger Waterfront Park amongst others. For those who enjoy water, nearby Jabi Lake is worth a visit not just for relaxing but for horseback riding as well as boat rides and various water sports.

Abuja City Profile

Most tourists to Abjuba will spend some time visiting the 30-metre high Gurara Waterfalls which lie on the Gurara River along the Suleja-Minna Road whilst the more energetic may opt to climb the enimatic Zuma Rock along the main road from Abuja to Kaduna off Madala (you seriously can't miss it from Abjuba given it's 2,379 ft tall ~ twice as high as the Uluru Rock in Australia) which the Gwari people believe is a gateway to the after life while others believe it hides a vast underground lake that will flood the area of the rock is ever disturbed. Other attractions include the Abuja Wonderland and Park, just a few minutes drive from the city centre and opposite the National Stadium, the city's shoping malls and generous nightlife.

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