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Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa and is bordered by Djibouti to its north-west, Kenya to its south-west, the Gulf of Aden to its north, the Indian Ocean to its east and Ethiopia to its west. Somalia itself is slightly smaller than the state of Texas in the USA and features a coastline that stretches for 1880 miles that not only served as a basis for trading across the far east, but also established fishing as a major feature of the Somalia economy rather than agriculture.

Juba River SomaliaSomalia countryside consists of the Karkaar Mountains in the far north, to highlands, plains and plateau's, most of which are 600 feet above sea level, that are all subject to a hot, arid environment that limits agriculture to the southwest of the country where Somalia's rivers the Juba (left) and Shebelle, both originating in Ethiopia, can be found as they flow into the Indian Ocean. Somalia's other main rivers, the Daror and the Nugaaleed only flow for part of the year.

As can be seen from this video showing images of the Somalia countryside, vegetation is sparse, consisting mainly of thorny bushes and plumes of grasses. The Somalia countryside is subject to little rainfall, and what does occur, does so irregularly, leading to recurring droughts familiar across the Horn of Africa together with high temperatures and monsoon winds.

Zeila Coast: Creative Commons License, Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0.Whilst travel to Somalia is not currently recommended the countryside does have some places worthy of a visit. The coastal village of Gendershe, some 45 miles south of Mogadishu, has one of the best white sand beaches in Africa together with narrow streets and quaint old houses together with a history stretching back millennia.

Jasira Island with its small mosque off the Somalia coastline, again south of Mogadishu, is well worth a visit and, if you enjoy the sea, a visit to Zeila (right), a port city in the north west region of Awdal, should be undertaken not least for its coral reefs and islands but sadly, not for its historical buildings, most of which have been destroyed in the civil war.

Regretfully the beautiful beaches of Mogadishu are also currently not safe to visit nor is taking a boat off the cost due to the activities of Somali pirates who operate there especially around the Gulf of Aden. Even the animals that inhabit Somalia's wildlife parks are not considered safe being located in areas outside the Transitional government's control where they are often hunted down for meat (Somalia's preferred diet.)

Other places of interest in the Somalia countryside are the twin hills of Naasa Hablood on the outskirts of Hargeisa in the north-east of the country, the earliest known rock art in the Horn of Africa at Laas Gaal which have been dated to 3000 - 9000 years BCE and, of course, the spectacular views from the Sheikh Mountains. Sadly its unlikely that you will ever see many images of Somalia from inside the country so we hope this video provides some compensation!


Somalia Topography

Somalia Images

Somalia Images

Somalia Images

Somalia Images


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Somalia Images

Somalia Images

Images of Somalia conjure up dry, arid desert areas however Somalia has a rich seafaring history and many places of interest caputured on this video.


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