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The Republic of the Congo is one of the countries in the world you are probably least likely to visit, so images of the country are mostly gleaned from film and television impressions. With a coastline of some one hundred miles, the Republic of Congo is neighbours to Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola.

The coastal region of the Republic of the Congo is essentially plains that rise up as you move inland towards the Crystal Mountains which reach heights of between 1000 - 2000 feet and are covered in forest ridges. This area is also home to the Niari River Valley, with its fertile soil making it the country's main agricultural resource. To the south of the country are uplands featuring the Kouilou River system whilst savannah covered plateaus make up most of central Congo.

For obvious reasons, the Congo River is one of the country's most famous features and occupies more than one third of the country with its basin consisting of swamps and tropical rain forests. The basin also features the Ubangi, Sangha, Likouala, and Alima rivers, all Congo tributaries. If you want to know more about the River Congo, checCongo Images, Images of Republic of Congo, Rare Congo Images, Republic of Congo Images Video, Congo Images, Congo Video Imagesk out the link to our article below.

Congo River: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Poland licenseThe river itself is 2920 miles long, between 0.5 and ten miles wide and is home to thousands of islands, some many miles in length. Its source can be found just south of Lake Tanganyika in the rift valley of east Africa. The Congo is the world's ninth longest river and it takes a full six months from the water at its source to reach its outlet as it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

The river is not only a major transport hub in the region but also a source of hydroelectric power with forty such power plants along the river, the most famous of which is at the Inga Falls.

Along the river people engage in growing sugar cane, peanuts and cotton as well as tobacco. Obviously the river supports a fishing industry however recent population growth has led to a depletion of fish stocks with local communities now turning to farming the river for meat from its variety of wildlife ranging from hippos to crocodiles and tortoises.


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Congo Images

Congo Images

Congo Images

Congo Images


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Congo Images

Republic of Congo Images

Images of the Republic of Congo presented in video showing rare images of the country as you have probably never seen it before. Here we present a video mosaic of Congo Brazzaville providing rarely seen images of the country, its land, people and wildlife.


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