Central African Republic Images

Central African Republic Images

Many of the images on our Central African Republic profile pages understandably reflect the ongoing conflict and its impact on the people who live there. The video montage (below), however, takes a moment to step back and view the country without such images. This is probably one of the few opportunities you will get to explore the Central African Republic's countryside as its too dangerous for most visitors to even venture out of the country's cities where armed rebels regularly carry out attacks and more recently the Lord's Resistance Army has started to operate a wave of terror against an already traumatised population.

The Central African Republic itself is about the size of Texas and borders Cameroon, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo and Sudan and is located almost precisely in the centre of Africa. The country has three main rivers, the Ubangi (also spelled Oubangui) in the south and the Chari and Logone rivers in the north and, in general, the Central African Republic consists of an undulating plateau ranging in altitude from 2,0002,500 ft with a high granite plateau in the north-west forming part of the Adamawa Plateau of Cameroon and in the north east the Bongos mountain range which extends into Sudan. Most of the country is covered in forest although much of this has been degraded due to forest fires, whilst in the north can be found desert scrubland with the Karre mountains to the far west which rise to 4,625 feet (1,410 m) at Mount Ngaoui, the highest point in the country.

Central African Republic Topography

For the intrepid traveller who is prepared to explore outside the relative safety of Bangui, there are a number of places worth visiting from the Kembe Falls on the River Kotto, the Boali Waterfalls, close to the Boali village, the megaliths of burial mounds believed to be thousands of years old at Boura, the beautifully crafted wooden houses in Zinga on the Oubangui river and of course the wildlife parks of Manovo-Gounda St Floris, Bamingui-Bangoran Dzanga-Sangha. For those who just want to stay in Bangui the Boganda Museum is worth a look as is a visit to the Central Market.

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