African Horoscope:

The African horoscope, like the Western horoscope, is determined by the day of birth of the individual and can be traced back to pre-historic times with primitive African cultures being aware of the science of stars and planets. Like modern day astrology, they made a link between the movements of those stars and planets and the destiny of individuals. The Egyptians in particular were drawn to astrology and one tribe from there fled religious persecution and settled in modern day Mali. They developed a religion based on the Sirius star system.

What was remarkable about this was that Sirius B was not even discovered until 1970, whereas the Dogon tribe had been aware of its existence for thousands of years. How could they have possessed this forbidden knowledge? Their legends claim they received this knowledge from the Nommos who visited Earth from a planet orbiting Sirius's companion star.

African Horoscope Sign Dates and Meaning
African Astrology: The Judge

The Judge (5th July ~ 4th August)
Those born under this African horoscope sign tend to respect others and their opinions and are able to quickly weigh up differing views and form a decision.  They are well grounded and have a fair and accurate view of life and their circumstances holding little time for self-pity either for themselves or others. They make friends easily and can harness the enthusiasm and energy of others to any cause they have adopted. They also have a  deeply spiritual side to their personality.

African Astrology: The Kola Nut

The Kola Nut (5th August ~ 3rd September)
Those born under this African horoscope sign tend to be energetic and unstable reflecting the Kola nut from the Kola tree which contains the stimulant caffeine.  Unconventional and exciting, they will cut corners often irritating people along the way. However as they grow older and mature, they develop a wisdom that belies their youthful zest for life. It is widely believed in African culture that those born under this sign have intuitive clairvoyant powers which many are apprehensive about.

African Astrology: The Traveller

The Traveller (4th September ~ 3rd October)
Those born under this African horoscope sign are probably the most complex characters reflecting both the sadness of leaving and the hope of arrival; two personality traits that you find hard to reconcile and therefore struggle to trust your inner intuitions. Whilst having friendships, those born under this sign are rarely fully understood by their circle and their actions and thoughts often misinterpreted. Travellers are sensitive by nature and sometimes feel uncomfortable in themselves.

African Astrology: The Distance

The Distance (4th October ~ 3rd November)
Those born under this African horoscope sign tend to be dreamers, philosophers and anarchists resenting conformity preferring to follow their creative intuitions. Suffocated by structure, they prefer living spontaneously and being driven by circumstances not of their making and finding strength from that journey. Passionate and instinctive, they are normally confidant and warm hearted often achieving great success in life however can become trapped by the strictures that come with success.

African Astrology: The Child of the Word

The Child of the Word (4th November ~ 3rd December)
Those born under this African horoscope sign tend to lead successful, serene and secure lives having a generous and strong nature that others find attractive. As such they cultivate loyal friendships and are often found to be spokespeople for their community or any project they are involved in. Sometimes however, this easy manner of achieving goals can lead to conceit which has to be guarded against less such arrogance leads to misfortune.

African Astrology: The Harvest in the Granary

The Harvest in the Granary (4th December ~ 3rd January)
Those born under this African horoscope sign tend to be extremely active and full of life reflecting the abundance of the harvest stored in the granary.

You have a generosity and loyalty admired by others however have a predisposition to believe that you are a 'favoured' one and need to guard against assuming that this alone will bring you success rather than hard work and commitment.



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African Horoscope:

African Horoscope:

African horoscope signs are read by the throwing of bones that form lines and arrows. The tracing made by these lines/arrows is organized by the diviner in three stories. The lower floor of the geomantic figures can be made by one to three vertical lines. For the two other levels (median and superior) the choice is binary, one or two lines. Thus, the total possible for the three levels of figures is twelve (3x2x2). Each of them has a name corresponding to the precise combination of figures as drawn on each individual profile.

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