Burundi Airport

Bujumbura International Airport just about lives up to the international name, but serves under 400 passengers a day, compared to Heathrow Airport which serves half as much again of Bujumbura's airport yearly passengers on a daily basis. Bujumbura is one of three airports in Burundi, the others being at Gitega, Burundi's second largest city and Kirundo, close to the Lac Rwihinda Nature Reserve.

Only a handful of airlines operate from Bujumbura airport, including Brussels Airlines (Burundi was a former Belgium colony), Kenya Airways, Rwandair Express, Air Burundi and Ethiopian Airlines. Facilities at Bujumbura International Airport are limited without even the provision of air conditioning; there a couple of shops and a cafe/bar ~ if you can afford the rather high prices asked. However, if you're travelling  business class you get the luxury of your own lounge, superbly kitted out with er, well a few chairs and a television. Class.

Other airports in Burundi include Gitega Airport in central Burundi, some forty miles east of Bujumbura. Gitega is Burundi's second largest city and there have been suggestions that it may become Burundi's capital city given its central location, although these plans are still in a consultation stage. Burundi's other airport is in the far north of the country in Kirundo close to Lake Rwihinda, a popular destination for bird watchers with its forty nine types of  mainly aquatic birds. Take in an aerial view of Burundi as you make a virtual landing at Bujumbura airport in this short video sequence, then why not click on the link below to take a tour of Bujumbura itself?

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Location of Bujumbura ~ This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license

Burundi Airport

Burundi Airport

Burundi Airport

Burundi Airport


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Burundi Airport

Burundi Airport

Make a virtual landing at Burundi International Airport, Bujumbura, in Burundi's capital city with this video. The airport serves just 120,000 passengers a year then explore Lake Tanganyika and Bujumbura itself!


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