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Some countries are described as where "east meets west"; in similar terms Burundi could be described as "doesn't really meet anyone".

Tucked away in central Africa, this small country of ten million people is one of the poorest in the world and has yet to embrace that wider world.

Following years of warfare, this impoverished nation is now dependent on foreign aid with over half of all children suffering from stunted growth due to poor diet and secondary school education rates are as low as 8%.

One in five children under the age of 14yrs old is an orphan

and a 2008 UNICEF report stated that "Burundi's children continue to be threatened by rape, child prostitution, child labour, recruitment into militias, internal displacement, kidnapping and landmines."

Burundi is ranked in 178th place out of 186 countries and territories in 2013 in terms of life expectancy, literacy, access to knowledge and the living standards of a country. Despite of all this, there is a limited volunteer work sector in Burundi. It simply hasn't been engaged in any meaningful way and those who do visit are often viewed disdainfully and certainly suspiciously.

If you run or know of a volunteer work project in Burundi let us know by contacting here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteer Work Burundi

Volunteer Burundi

Volunteer Burundi

Volunteer Burundi

Volunteer Burundi


Youth for Christ

Burundi Youth for Christ

Burundi Youth for Christ run a number of different projects including an orphanage and school.
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Volunteer Burundi: Thars International

Volunteer in construction projects in Burundi or other tasks that are of most need.
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Village Health

Volunteer Burundi: Village Health

Volunteer work providing health care and education in collaboration with the community.
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Volunteer Burundi

Volunteer Burundi

If you are considering undertaking a period of volunteer work in Burundi check out our Burundi profile pages to explore the country before you visit and learn how to make the most of your volunteer work in Burundi.

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