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Malawi, with its population of 20.41 million (2022), is a small country located in south-east Africa with Zambia to its north-west, Tanzania to its north-east, separated by Africa's third largest lake, Lake Malawi, and Mozambique to its east, south and west again separated by the lake. Malawi TopographyThe country is set within the Great Rift Valley, with the country's highest point being marked by Mt Mulanje at 10,000ft ~ the peak of Ben Nevis is just 4409 feet above sea level by comparison.

The countryside in Malawi is far from the stereotypical image of a dry, desertified land being in the main a lush, green country with forests, mountains, river valleys as well as highlands and plateaus.

Malawi has three main rivers, the Dwangwa, which flows from the plateau in the north-east of the country for a hundred miles into Lake Malawi; the Shire river which flows for 250 miles through both Malawi and Mozambique originating in Lake Malawi and the South Rukuru river which is the main river in the north of Malawi flowing though the Nyika Plateau.

The weather in Malawi is warm all the year round with a rainy season between December to May, and a dry season from May to December. The climate is best described as sub tropical and the country boasts many different landscapes from an inland lake to forests, mountains and grasslands.

If visiting the Malawi countryside the many places worth a visit are obviously going to include Lake Malaw which is not only great for swimming, snorkelling and diving, but is best seen on a trip on its steamer the MV Ilala which travels from from Monkey Bay to Chilumba.

Whilst there, try and stop over at Likoma Island, the largest of the two inhabited islands on the lake which can be accessed by the steamer or by air where you'll find St Peter's Cathedral - the third largest cathedral in Central Africa built in 1903.

Although Malawi is not known as a big game destination, Kasungu National Park ~ about 108 miles north of Lilongwe, bordering Zambia, is worth a visit to see its leopards, buffalos and hippos as well as its birdlife. The Dwanga and the Lingadzi rivers flow through the park. If you have time, take in the Culture and Museum Center at Karonga on the western shore of Lake Nyasa where you can meet the so-called 'Malawisaurus' dinosaur skeleton as well as learning about the history and mythology of the area.

Explore images of Malawi in more detail in the video above and see pictures of Malawi in the slideshow above opposite.


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Malawi Images

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Malawi Images

Malawi Images

Malawi Images

Malawi Images


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Malawi Images

Malawi Images

Explore the beauty of the Malawi countryside in this video, packed with pictures and images of the stunning Malawi scenery, it will make you want to pay Malawi a visit!


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