Volunteer Work Africa

Volunter Work Africa

Welcome to the African Volunteer Network, your one-stop-shop for finding affordable and meaningful volunteer work in Africa together with child sponsorship opportunities. Searching online for volunteer work opportunities on the continent can be daunting as you will find many adverts offering all sorts of volunteer programs and jobs. Be careful though, as many of these adverts are for big, for profit, businesses who take a large cut of your volunteer fee to pay for their advertising, plush offices and staff in UK cities and elsewhere. The African Volunteer Network is run and managed by volunteers who have worked and continue to work in Africa and is a directory of volunteer and charity work programs managed locally in Africa itself.

No-one pays to be listed here and any money you pay for your volunteer experience goes 100% to the project itself and the community within which it operates. Here at the African Volunteer Network you will find listings for volunteer work programs and projects ranging from teaching in schools, helping in orphanages, health care, construction and conservation work, animal welfare as well as community projects. Some of these Africa volunteer projects are more specialist, working with groups such as African street children and former child soldiers.

Africa Volunteer Programs

But the African Volunteer Network isn't just a directory of Africa volunteer work programs and opportunities. We also profile each country of Africa with background information, news and tourist attractions for you to visit before, during or after your volunteer work experience as well as providing listings for projects seeking sponsors for the children they work with. If you're an African volunteer project offering sponsorship, safe volunteer and/or charity programs, claim your free listing at the Network or, if you're a volunteer looking for paid or unpaid volunteer work in Africa, bookmark the site or follow us on Facebook. Make the African Volunteer Network your first choice for African volunteer work and sponsorship opportunities because you're amongst friends who work out there!

You really can make a difference to people's lives when you sponsor a child or volunteer, including your own. Below are listed some of our popular content, while the bottom of each page showcases the main categories of the site for your easy navigation.

Volunteer Work Africa: African Child

Life for an African Child

Find out more about the lives and challenges the children of Africa face in a series of articles and videos where you mightbe undertaking your volunteer work.

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Volunteer Work Africa: African Countries

African Country Profiles

Explore each of the countries of Africa where you might volunteer in our detailed African country profile pages with information, facts and videos.

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Volunteer Work Africa: Street Children

Street Children

About street children in Africa who have often left home to escape poverty and violence in facts, figures and videos complete with details of volunteer work and programs working with street children in each country.

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Volunteer Work Africa: African History

Africa History

Before you travel to Africa as a volunteer, explore the rich and varied history of the continent from ancient through colonial and modern times.

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Main sections of this site:

Volunteer by Country

Details of current volunteer work
opportunities in each of the
countries of Africa.

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Sponsor a Child
Sponsor a Child in Africa

Find how to sponsor a child in Africa
with our list of organisations,
charities, programs and projects.

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All About Africa

Discover all about Africa, its tourist
attractions, history, people, culture
and daily life there.

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African Resources

A treasure trove of African
resources from webcams to
free downloads and news.

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