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Tunisia isn't exactly a hot spot for volunteer work in Africa not least because it is 98% Arab and Arab speaking and not exactly poor coming in at position 94 out of 186 countries and territories when ranked in terms of life expectancy, literacy, access to knowledge and the living standards of a country.

It was also ruled undemocratically by President Ben Ali until he was forced to flee to Saudi Arabia in what was known as the "Arab Spring" of 2011. The only real change since then as Tunisia emerges as a fledgling, hesitant democracy has been the fall in foreign income from tourism following the instability of 2011 from which

the country has yet to recover. Most volunteer work in Tunisia, such as there is, tends to be met within Tunisia itself; i.e. just like in any other developed country where needs are identified they are met by volunteer groups arranging then deploying their own resources internally.

One exception to this is the Tunisian Red Crescent who are primarily engaged in working delivering humanitarian aid around Tunisia's borders with Libya where the ongoing conflict within Libya is piling pressure on and around the border area.

If you run or know of a volunteer work project in Tunisia let us know by contacting us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteer Work Tunisia

Volunteer Tunisia

Volunteer Tunisia

Volunteer Tunisia

Volunteer Tunisia


JMSF Tunisie

Volunteer Work Tunisia: JMSF Tunisie

Jeunes Médecins Sans Frontières seeks to improve the quality of life in Tunisia's most impoverished areas.
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Volunteer Tunisia

If you are considering undertaking a period of volunteer work in Tunisia check out our Tunisia profile pages to explore the country before you visit and learn how to make the most of your volunteer work in Tunisia.

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