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With a population of just 800,000 living on the islands of Ngazidja (Grande Comore), Mwali (Mohéli), Maore (Mayotte) and Nzwani (Anjouan), Comoros isn't a hub of volunteer work opportunities and what little there is, is dedicated to preservation and conservation work on and around the islands.

Situated in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and the African continent, Comoros should be an island paradise. Instead its ranked in 169th place out of 186 countries and territories in 2013 based upon the life expectancy, literacy, access to knowledge and living standards of a country.

This is partly due to the ongoing conflict between the islands that has left them largely dependent on foreign aid with the majority of its population living on under 60p a day. . Education suffers because teachers often refuse to work when the government runs out of funds to pay them. As such school attendance is under 50% and water scarcity is also a major issue of concern with Mount Karthala regularly erupting with toxic ash entering the water supply.

This, together with poor hygiene standards in general in the Comoros, leads to regular outbreaks of cholera and diarrhoea amongst the small population. Island paradise? We think not!

If you are still looking for volunteer work in the Comoros most opportunities focus on poverty reduction, infrastructure development and conservation work. If you run or know of a volunteer work project in the Comoros let us know by contacting us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteer Work Comoros

Volunteer Comoros

Volunteer Comoros

Volunteer Comoros

Volunteer Comoros



Volunteer Work Comoros: Moidjio

Moidjio (C.R.C.A.D.) is committed to the study and conservation of the Comorian environment.
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Volunteer Comoros

If you are considering undertaking a period of volunteer work in Comoros check out our profile pages to explore the country before you visit and learn how to make the most of your volunteer work in Comoros.

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