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A video documentary about Nairobi the capital of Kenya together with facts about Nairobi street children and the Kibera slum.

This video documentary airbrushes out this darker side presenting Nairobi as the government would like tourists to see it.

After you've taken this tour of Nairobi why not make a virtual landing at Nairobi International Airport here. Nairobi, with a population of some three million, was named after the Massai phrase 'Enkare Nyirobi (the place of cool waters) and was founded in 1899 by the British.

Nairobi became the capital of Kenya on independence in 1963 and grew rapidly, perhaps too rapidly as it didn't have the infrastructure to cope with its exponentially growing population with power cuts and water shortages still a problem along with inadequate sanitation.

Although Nairobi has a modern city centre with many attractive features, and a regular tourist attraction, like many other cities, it has its darker side.

Nairobi is home to tens of thousands of street children who have contributed to its nickname 'Nairobbery' and also houses Africa's third largest slum some three miles from the city centre at Kibera.

Many of those who live in Kibera (see below) make the daily journey into Nairobi desperate to make money to support themselves and their children offering a range of services for the equivalent of just a few pence a day.

This is far removed from the money flowing in the city's casino's, theatres and expensive restaurants which offer a full cosmopolitan menu.


Nairobi Profile

Nairobi Profile

Nairobi Profile

Nairobi Profile


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Nairobi Profile

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