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Khartoum with its population of around two million people, is both the capital of Sudan and the Khartoum State having been chosen as the newly independent country's capital in 1956 after being originally founded in 1821 as an outpost for the Egyptian army. It is situated on the junction of the White and Blue Nile rivers and its population is composed of all people across Sudan making it less Arabic in atmosphere than many other north Sudan cities. The centre of Khartoum is well laid out, however as you leave the main area, it soon becomes apparent that for many of its inhabitants it is a poor city with few streets even paved.

Despite this, Khartoum is considered a relatively safe city despite wider conflict within Sudan however is home to thousands of internally displaced refugees from the south and Darfur areas. It was the scene of heavy fighting in 2008 when Darfur rebels entered the city attacking Sudanese governments forces who repelled the attack. Alcohol is banned in general, so night life is somewhat muted, and the electricity supply is somewhat erratic making for uncomfortable living when air conditioning is not available during the hot arid months.

If visiting Khartoum places of interest to visit include the National Museum of Sudan with exhibits from throughout Sudan's history, Tuti Island at the convergance of the Blue and White Niles from where great views of each can be seen from Tuti's small village with its narrow streets and shops; the natural History Museum and the Mahdi's Tomb which was rebuilt following World War II. This video shows pictures and images of Khartoum in a realistic way without pulling any punches. Now make a virtual landing at Khartoum International Airport as you fly in over the Sudanese countryside here then explore Khartoum in more detail using our interactive map of the city below.

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Location of Khartoum

Meeting of the Niles at Khartoum

The meeting of the White and Blue Niles at Khartoum

Khartoum Profile

Khartoum Profile

Khartoum Profile

Khartoum Profile


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Khartoum Profile

Khartoum Profile

This video shows pictures and images of Khartoum together with facts and figures about Khartoum's history and life in the city today then make a virtual landing at Khartoum International Airport as you fly in over the Sudanese countryside.


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