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You may have noticed that this video showing pictures and images of Sierra Leone's capital city of Freetown is labelled Freetown Granville. The reason for this is simple. The area was established by slavery abolitionist Granville Sharp who sent some four hundred former black British slaves to the area in 1787. The returned former slaves called the area the 'Province of Freedom' but also more colloquially as Granville Town in honour of the man who bought the land from local chiefs and gave it to them to develop a free future. Unfortunately, the first group of returning slaves were almost wiped out by a hostile indigenous population along with disease, however the community prevailed.

Within just a few years, Freetown was one of Britain's first colonies in West Africa and although many of the returned slaves had originated from across Africa, most chose to say in their new home rather than return to their place of origin. Today the city port, which has the third largest natural harbour in the world, is home to over a million people, some one fifth of the country's entire population. During the civil war Freetown was occupied twice by rebel groups who damaged much of its infrastructure, razing buildings to the ground and decimating neighbourhoods that today, are still effectively slum areas. This video shows Freetown in pictures and images and gives a good feel of the city and life there. After you've watched the video make a virtual landing at Freetown Lungi International Airport below then explore Freetown in more detail using our interactive map below and zoom in on areas of interest.

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Freetown Profile

Take a virtual tour of Freetown the capital city of Sierra Leone in pictures and images with this Freetown video set to Sierra Leone music.


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