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Niamey was founded in the 18th Century, however by 1900 it had a population of just some six hundred people and even when it became Niger's capital in 1926 it still only had a population of just 3000, rising to around 700,000 today. The rapid increase followed severe droughts throughout the twentieth century when villagers made their way to Niamey in search of food, water and employment, however most were deported back to their villages under the regime of General Seyni Kountche.

Niamey straddles the River Niger (below), although is mostly located on its right bank and its industries include cement manufacture, ceramic goods, weaving and peanut farming. Visitors to Niamey should take time to visit the Grand Mosque and the National Museum, one of the best museums in Africa. A trip on the Niger in a pirogue is also available if you're keen to see hippos close up.

As in past years, Niger is currently suffering from a severe food shortage and, once again, many are travelling to Niamey in the hope of having their needs met. As of 2010 there are reports of women from the outer reaches of Niamey coming into the city centre begging for food. In fact as of 2010 it is estimated that around half of all Niamey's population is 'food insecure' and clinics in the city report that some 15% of all children going through their doors is suffering from malnutrition.

This video documentary portrays positive images of Niamey, however, under the gloss, Niamey, just as Niger itself, is facing critical conditions through food and water shortages. After you've watched the video, make a virtual landing at Niamey International Airport belowthen explore Niamey using our interactive map below.

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Niamey Profile

Niamey Profile

Niamey Profile

Niamey Profile


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Niamey Profile

Niamey Profile

A video documentary about Niamey, the capital city of Niger showing images of Niamey and what life is like there. Then make a virtual landing at Diori Hamani International Airport to the south-east of Niamey.


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