Sudan Refugee Camps

The conflict in Sudan has displaced around 5.5 million of its citizens with the Darfur region accounting for an estimated three million of this total out of the area's total population of 6.2 million. In 2008 alone some 310,000 people were displaced.

Whilst there are 2.2 million refuges living around camps near the Sudanese capital of Khartoum of which 57% are under the age of twenty, camps in Chad near the Darfur border are also home to a quarter of a million Sudanese who have been forced to abandon their homeland because of the conflict.

Sudan Refugee Camps: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licenseChad is hardly able to look after itself let alone hundreds of thousands of refugees (camp, left). Its a country marred by decades of civil war and life expectancy is just 47.7 years.

There are inevitably tensions between those living in refugee camps and the local population. “The refugees get food regularly,” says one villager close to the camps. “That’s nice for them. But we don’t have anyone who will give us food. We have nothing. Everyone is suffering.”

Another issue of contention is wood. Many from the camps forage around for firewood, as do the locals. As another villager commented “Before the refugees arrived it was easy to get wood to prepare meals. Since their arrival all of the wood has gone. We have to walk three to four hours to the mountains to find wood.”

The refugee camps are known targets for the kidnap and abduction of children, some as young as just six years old, into groups such as the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA). Others were lured by the promise of education in southern Sudan after the end of the conflict, whilst others willingly joined up, seeing no future in the bleak refugee camps, only abject poverty and starvation.

A new refugee crisis developed in Sudan following independence of South Sudan from the north in 2011 not only because of the overwhelming numbers of those who returned to their 'new country' without the resources to provide for them but also because of the ongoing conflict around the border and internally forcing many to flee to safety.

The United Nations Refugee Agency estimates that there are currently 201,469 refugees living in South Sudan ~ 61% aged 17yrs or younger. Some of these camps such as the one in Maban county, which is home to 100,000 refugees, have been described as 'ticking time bombs' following heavy rains, flooding and the imminent break out of disease. The camps have also caused tension with those already living in the area as they compete for the limited food and water supplies available. The chart below shows where these Sudan refugees are currently living.


Sudan Refugee Camp Children

Sudan Refugee Camps

Sudan Refugee Camps

Sudan Refugee Camps

Sudan Refugee Camps


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Sudan Refugee Camps
Country Number
Internally displaced in Sudan 4,644,800
Chad 209,000
Uganda 47,401
Ethiopia 40,141
Kenya 37,865
Democratic Republic of Congo 33,168
Central African Republic 16,969
Egypt 4,113

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