Niger Facts

Niger, or to give it its full title of the Republic of Niger, has a population of some 15.8 million and shares its borders, some of which remain in dispute, with seven other countries. It is located on the edge of the Sahara desert and the United Nations rates it as one of the least developed countries in the world. Niger is often seen as the gateway between north Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Niger FactsThe country had a long experience of European exploration with it becoming a French colony in 1922 until achieving independence on April 3rd 1960. Since then, Niger has had a succession of unstable governments, either single party or military, with the latest coup occurring in 2010 although democratic elections have now been restored.

Such instability has done little to address the enormous challenges facing Niger and its peoples; challenges including famine, lack of rainfall and poor harvests. In fact, Niger is one of the world's poorest countries with poor education and health care systems and an on-going insurgency by Tuareg rebels in the north.

Like in so many of the poorer African nations, the average age is just 15 years old, with just under half the population being aged 0 -14 years old. Life expectancy is around 53yrs and over 10% of all children die at birth. Those who survive are at risk of sexual exploitation and human trafficking for enforced begging, enforced working in in gold mines, domestic servitude and also for working in agriculture and stone quarries.

Some other facts about Niger; 80% of the population is Muslim of which 55.4% are Haoussa with the Djerma Sonrai and Tuareg at 21% and 9.3% respectively. Other people include the Peuhl (8.5%) and Kanouri Manga (4.7%). Literacy runs at just 28%, and most women have between 7-8 children of which only around 42% will enrol in school, very few of them girls. Some 600,000 of the population have HIV and an estimated 25,00 children in Niger out of a total child population of 8,429,000 have been orphaned through the virus.


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Niger Facts

Niger Facts

Niger Facts

Niger Facts


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