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Kenya, named after Mount Kenya (below) and with a population of 39 million, is located in east Africa and borders the Indian Ocean to its south-east, Somalia to its north-east, Ethiopia to its north, Sudan to its north-west, Uganda to its west and Tanzania to its south. The recent engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton whilst on holiday in Kenya again focussed attention on a country renowned for its tourism.

From tropical beaches to forests and sweeping savannahs, Kenya is widely regarded as Africa's premier safari destination and has been for centuries with tourism today being the largest single export

Kenya Topography earner in the country, albeit somewhat tainted by political events of recent years.Germany and the United Kingdom provide most of these tourists, attracted by the country's beach and game reserves ~ however recent pirate attacks and kidnappings of visiting tourists is likely to damage the tourist sector with visitors preferring to visit safer areas of the continent.

The country is home to fifty nine conservation parks with Amboseli and Masai Mara (location right), bordering on Tanzania being the best known. The Masai Mara was originally established in the early 1960s to protect wildlife from hunters and today has nearly tripled in size to 583 square miles and remains one of the must see places to visit in Kenya not least because you are almost guaranteed to see the Big 5 animals of rhinos, buffalos, elephants, leopards and lions.

If visiting the Masai Mara take time for a visit to Mount Kilimanjaro which, whilst in Tanzania from where its accessible for hiking with tour guides, also straddles the two countries' border and can be seen here live with our webcam.


Kenya Images

Kenya Images

Kenya Images

Kenya Images


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Kenya Images

Kenya ImagesFor those who prefer a more gentle time, Mombassa remains a popular tourist destination despite recent security concerns. It has a number of fine white sandy beaches at Tiwi and Watamu with a rich historical culture given its location as a major trading station on the Indian Ocean. Mombassa is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife with bars, night clubs and casinos.

Other places work a look are obviously Nairobi, more details here, the Rift Valley (taking in Hell's Gate National Park), Lake Victoria ~ Africa's largest lake bordering Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and the Shimoni Caves formed millions of years ago and extending over three miles inland. The caves have been used throughout the centuries as a place of worship as well as a holding station for slaves sold to Arab traders.


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