Ethiopian Orphans

Although Ethiopia now has the largest economy in east Africa and has one of the fastest growing economies in the world it cannot escape the legacy of its recent past of conflict and famine, and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

In Ethiopia today 13% of all children are missing one or both parents, representing 4 million children, nearly 650,000 of them being orphaned by HIV/AIDS alone.

It is estimated that a further 200,000 children are becoming orphans in Ethiopia every year not helped by the fact that there are 676 maternal deaths for every 100,000 births with only 10% of all births taking

place in proper medical facilities mainly due to cultural beliefs and the fact that many simply can't travel the distances required.

Like in many western countries, the extended family has been seen as the safety net for these Ethiopian orphans, but, unlike in the west, when the extended family is not there to provide care, there is very little available from the government to meet the shortfall.

As such, many of these children end up on the streets.

Ethiopian Street Children OrphansThese children forgo basic rights such as access to education, care support and availability of food. Instead they have to work to provide for themselves and in doing so are vulnerable to exploitation, including sexual exploitation.

Its a sobering fact that in Addis Ababa alone, over 30% of girls aged ten to fourteen are not living with their parents, many taking up domestic roles with other families receiving poor pay and little or no help with their emotional development.


Ethiopian Orphans

Ethiopian Orphans

Ethiopian Orphans

Ethiopian Orphans


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Ethiopian Orphans

The plight of orphans in Ethiopia is also cyclical, cascading down future generations. Lack of education, understanding of family life and poor knowledge of the prevention of AIDS/HIV means that these children's children are likely to become equally disadvantaged from birth.

Of a population of 78 million 4 million are Ethiopian orphans, many living in Ethiopian orphanages or as street children hoping that someday someone will care.

This video documentary explores the situation of Ethiopian children and some of the projects underway to meet their needs.


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